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The Blue Warrior's kit

This program consists of immediate attention to each new diagnosis.

This program consists of immediate attention to each new diagnosis.

The Onset is the moment when the symptoms of type 1 diabetes become present, which may lead to admission to a hospital or clinic; attention and assertive companionship are crucial in the first impression that both, parents and children, have regarding what will be their new reality from that moment on. That is why we consider that it’s very important to address this new condition as soon as possible. Diabetes Education is vital when managing type 1 diabetes. Accepting this new condition is so very important, because it allows a healthy and progressive assimilation of new lifestyle habits, from the real vision that type 1 diabetes will not prevent them from living a full life when properly managed.

In these first visits to the health institution, both, parents and child, are immediately attended emotionally and educationally, in parallel with their attending physicians. 

Likewise, newly diagnosed families are given the BLUE WARRIOR'S KIT, which consists of a Guerreros Azules pencil case containing a  letter addressed to parents, a glucometer and 450 test strips, as well as basal insulin and rapid-acting insulin to cover at least three months of treatment and a copy of the story entitled "Juanjo, el Guerrero Azul (Juanjo, the Blue Warrior"), plus a copy of our manual addressed to parents titled “Juntos es más fácil”(It’s easier together”). 

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