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About Guerreros Azules

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About Guerreros Azules

Guerreros Azules Was Established In 2016 By A Group Of Mothers Of Children With Type 1 Diabetes In Venezuela (T1d), Interested In Carrying Out Educational Activities And Improving The Supply Of Insulin And Diabetes Care. 

Children With Type 1 Diabetes Depend On Educated Parents And Family Members To Excel In Their Diabetes Management. If Their Parents Or Relatives Do Not Have The Adequate Information Or Resources To Buy The Supplies, It Is The Youngest Ones Who Are Negatively Affected.

We Believe That Having Educated And Empowered Parents Will Help Advocate For Their Kid’s Health. Education And Emotional Support Are Key To A Healthy Live With Diabetes Type 1. If The Family Group Is Educated, Diabetes Becomes More Bearable And Easier To Handle.

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General Coordinator



Financial Coordinator

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Executive Coordinator



International Alliances Coordinator

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Logistics Coordinator

Our directive


Our impact

  • We Have Benefited More Than Two Thousand (2,000) Children And Adolescents.

  • Delivered More Than Fifteen Hundred (1,500) Breakfasts At The J.M. De Los Ríos Hospital.

  • Conducted Six (6) Workshops For Parents Of Children With Type 1 Diabetes.

  • Held Ten (10) Sports-Recreational Meetings With Our Entire Network In Which More Than 40 Children And Adolescents Participate In Each One.

  • Conducted Three (3) Fundraising Activities.

  • We Have Twenty (20) Blue Volunteers (Young People Living With Type 1 Diabetes Who Help Us In The Activities).

  • We Have One Hundred Thirty (130) Parents Who Participate And Benefit From The Activities.

  • We Have Thirteen (13) Allied Organizations.

  • We Have Carried Out Two (2) Communication Campaigns.

  • We Have Recorded Twelve (12) Micros With Basic Information About Type 1 Diabetes Management (9 Have Been Released On Our Social Networks).

  • One Hundred (100) "Warrior Kits" Have Been Delivered To Families Who Were Diagnosed With Type 1 Diabetes.

  • We Have Done Fifty (130) Interventions In Families To Newly Diagnosed Families.

  • We Have Carried Out Twenty (20) Supplies Donation Drives.

  • We Have Published A Children's Story: "Juanjo, The Blue Warrior".

  • We Have Designed A Handbook For Parents: "Together It's Easier".

  • Made The Documentary Film "The Path Of The Warrior".

Nuestra directiva
Nuestro impacto
Nuestro lema
Diabetes is not a tragedy,
it is a learning tool


In times of crisis, solidarity is the best vaccine to fight against injustice and global inequalities. We recognize that what affects others also affects us. We stand up for what we think is right.


"Integrity is our defining quality and of our work. We strive to always do the right thing, to act truthfully: it is the constant choice to instill in every action honesty, fairness and respect for all those whose lives we touch on a daily basis." We do the right thing even when no one is looking at us.


We work urgently to solve the problems

Social responsability

Given our responsibility to our community, behaving ethically is a critical - and elementary - part of our success. We do the right thing because there is no other alternative.


Generosity is more than a part of our mission - it is ingrained in the way we work. Each of us is generous with others, with their time, with their knowledge. It is the heart of who we are as an organization


We behave ethically, we act openly and with integrity in everything we do, taking responsibility for our actions.

Nuestros valores

Our values

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